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Birthdate:Jan 31
Character Name: Joel
Age: 17 for this verse, I'll be taking him from when he first leaves his family, ignoring the rest of his history up until his death.
House: Air (He'd honestly fit in both Water and Air, so this took some debate)
Mythological Creature: Nymph/Naiad/Water Elemental
Myth behind the creature: Naiad Wiki

Appearance: PB: Andreas Eduard Hudec aka Jack Strify of Cinema Bizarre

Blond hair usually with black throughout/under the blond, eyes that appear blue or grey depending on the weather or what colors he's wearing to contrast with them.

Abilities: Joel has the passive ability to transform his body into water, and the more active ability to transform his body into an animal related to his element. In Joel's case I believe the animal is an otter, but I'd have to go hunt that information down if I ever intend to use it. He can also communicate with various aquatic animals and manipulate water to his own use, although at this age he as experience with neither of these abilities.
History: Found in the woods near the river by a man whose friend recently lost a son, Joel was adopted by a small family. Father, grandmother, brother, and sister. They imposed being human and "normal" on him, stifling his natural abilities for fear that his identity would be discovered by others. After their father left his brother became very possessive of him, trying his best to help Joel fit in and stop being so strange. His sister eventually grew resentful, seeing him as a "replacement" for the older brother they'd lost and knowing that he would never be able to fit into that role. Eventually, realizing that he would never fit in Joel left his family in an attempt to stop coming between them.

Anything else: Joel is from a universe in which nymphs come in more than the single sex or gender of female. In this reality male nymphs are often overlooked by humans because they are more social creatures who tend to blend in with the human population - and genetically do not pass on their elemental abilities to children, only females do. Should a male nymph have children with another species their child will be the same as their mother. Those that don't mingle with humans generally avoid detection by transforming into their element.

Children are often abandoned sometime after birth as nymphs are carefree creatures that don't always take well to motherhood. Which is how Joel's story began.

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